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JX Single Phase Fractional Horsepower Miniature Motor

JX series motors are small power fully enclosed fan-cooled single .phase asynchronous motors for general use. The power class and mounting size are in line with IEC standards. With lightweight, low noise. good starting performance, reliable operation, easy maintenance, and so on. t adopts IP44 class B insulation, enclosure protection, cooling method IC0141, rated frequency is 50Hz, widely used in imported agricultural irrigation machinery, refrigeration equipment, ventilation equipment, car washing machinery, textile machinery, food machinery, and so on.
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Frame No: 50-71
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 80-750W
Protection Class: B
Type Power(W) Voltage(V) Rpm(r/min) Current(A) Eff(%) Capacitor
JX06B-2 25 220 2800 0.33 42 1.5
JX06A-2 40 220 2800 0.45 48 2
JX06B-4 15 220 1400 0.29 30 1.5
JX06A-4 25 220 1400 0.4 35 2
JX-5012 40 220 2800 0.5 55 2
JX-5022 60 220 2800 0.8 58 2
JX-5014 25 220 1400 0.5 57 2
JX-5024 40 220 1400 0.6 59 2
JX-5612 90 220 2800 1 80 4
JX-5622 120 220 2800 1.2 63 4
JX-5614 60 220 1400 0.8 61 4
JX-5624 90 220 1400 1 65 4
JX-6312 180 220 2800 1.44 66 4
JX-6322 250 220 2800 1.85 69 6
JX-8314 120 220 1400 1.2 53 4
JX-8324 180 220 1400 1.7 57 6
JX-7112 370 220 2800 3 72 8
JX-7122 550 220 2800 4.15 75 8
JX-7114 250 220 1400 2.8 64 8
JX-7124 370 220 1400 3.5 66 8
Instruction And Overall Dimension:
Frame ( mm)
NO A B C D E F G H K M N e S ≤L ≤J
50 801 63 32 9 20 3 8 50 6 65 40 2 M5 150 60
56 90 70 36 11 23 4 8.5 56 7 65 50 2 M5 200 75
63 100 80 40 14 30 4 11.5 63 8 75 60 1 M5 230 85
71 112 90 45 16 40 5 12.8 71 10 85 70 1 M6 225 92
IMB3 Horizontal Mount

IMB14 Small Flange Mount

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Taizhou Youbo Import & Export Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Zhejiang Minkang Motor Co., Ltd.) is a professional manufacturer and supplier of high-efficiency asynchronous motors. The company was founded in 2002. After more than 20 years of hard work, it has become quite large. The company has excellent mechanical processing equipment, mature manufacturing technology, complete testing methods, and efficient embedding, installation, painting, and packaging. assembly line. At the same time, the company has strong technical development capabilities, a high-quality workforce and a complete quality management system to ensure that the motors manufactured by the company are reliable in quality and excellent in performance.
"Relying on a perfect quality management system, always providing products and services that satisfy customers" is the development purpose that the company has always adhered to. High-quality products bring good sales. At present, the company's products have covered 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the country, and are exported to the European Union, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other countries and regions. Seeking development with scientific and technological innovation and establishing reputation with excellent quality are the unswerving pursuit goals of the company.

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Knowledge expansion about Single Phase Fractional Horsepower Miniature Motor

How are single-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors revolutionizing the design and functionality of consumer electronics and small appliances?

1. Streamlined Design and Form Factor:

Single-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors are remarkably compact, enabling manufacturers to create sleek and aesthetically pleasing designs for consumer electronics and small appliances. These motors can be seamlessly integrated into limited spaces without compromising the device's overall form factor. This design flexibility allows for the creation of visually appealing and ergonomic products that cater to modern consumers' preferences.

2. Enhanced Portability and Mobility:

The compact size and lightweight nature of these miniature motors contribute to the portability of consumer electronics and small appliances. Devices ranging from cordless power tools to handheld kitchen gadgets benefit from the reduced weight and size, making them more convenient to use and carry around.

3. Improved User Experience:

Single-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors enable precise control over various functions in consumer electronics and appliances. This level of control enhances user experience by offering customizable settings, smoother operation, and more intuitive interfaces. Devices such as electric toothbrushes, coffee grinders, and hair dryers can provide users with a more tailored and enjoyable experience.

4. Energy Efficiency and Battery Life:

Miniature motors equipped with single-phase fractional horsepower technology are designed for optimal energy efficiency. They consume less power while delivering reliable performance, which is particularly crucial for battery-operated devices. This efficiency extends battery life, reducing the need for frequent recharging or battery replacements.

5. Quiet and Vibration-Free Operation:

Single-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors are engineered for minimal vibration and noise generation. This quality is essential for devices that come into direct contact with users, such as handheld massagers or personal grooming tools. The quiet and smooth operation adds to user comfort and satisfaction.

6. Diverse Applications and Versatility:

The versatility of single-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors is evident in their application across a wide range of devices. From electric shavers and blenders to camera lens autofocus mechanisms and robotic toys, these motors cater to various industries, highlighting their adaptability and potential for innovation.

7. Precision and Accuracy:

Miniature motors with single-phase fractional horsepower capabilities offer precise and accurate control over rotational speed and torque. This precision is invaluable for devices that require intricate movements, such as camera gimbal stabilizers or robotic arms. The motors ensure consistent performance and enable the creation of devices with intricate motion capabilities.

8. Automation and Smart Connectivity:

The integration of single-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors aligns with the trend toward automation and smart connectivity. These motors can be seamlessly integrated into smart home systems, enabling remote control, scheduling, and automation of various household appliances and electronics.

How are single-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors transforming the landscape of home automation and smart devices, and what role do they play in enabling seamless connectivity and enhanced user experiences?

1. Enabling Motion and Interaction:

Single-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors serve as the driving force behind the motion and interaction capabilities of numerous smart devices. From motorized window blinds and curtains to automated door locks and robotic vacuum cleaners, these motors empower devices to perform specific tasks with precision, efficiency, and adaptability to user preferences.

2. Dynamic Adjustability and Personalization:

The precise control offered by single-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors enables dynamic adjustability and personalization of smart devices. Motorized adjustable beds, smart thermostats with motor-driven dampers, and motorized projector screens exemplify how these motors enable users to tailor their surroundings to meet their individual comfort and convenience needs.

3. Enhanced Energy Efficiency:

Miniature motors equipped with single-phase fractional horsepower technology play a crucial role in enhancing energy efficiency in smart devices. By enabling devices to operate with optimal speed and torque, these motors contribute to energy savings and reduce unnecessary power consumption. For instance, smart HVAC vents powered by these motors can regulate airflow and temperature room by room, optimizing energy usage.

4. Quiet and Discreet Operation:

The quiet and smooth operation of single-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors is ideal for smart devices that are part of the home environment. Devices such as motorized shades, blinds, or smart fans can seamlessly blend into the background without causing disruption or noise, enhancing the overall user experience.

5. Precise Positioning and Feedback Mechanisms:

Miniature motors equipped with precise control mechanisms facilitate accurate positioning and feedback in smart devices. This capability is vital for applications like motorized camera mounts, smart mirrors, and adjustable lighting fixtures. The motors ensure that devices are positioned exactly as intended, enhancing functionality and aesthetics.

6. Integration into Smart Home Ecosystems:

Single-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors seamlessly integrate into larger smart home ecosystems. These motors can be synchronized with central control systems or smart assistants, allowing users to command and coordinate multiple devices effortlessly. For instance, a motorized smart kitchen appliance could be controlled through voice commands or smartphone apps as part of a cohesive smart home setup.

7. User-Centric Convenience:

The incorporation of single-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors enhances user-centric convenience in smart devices. Whether it's a motorized pet feeder, a smart robotic pet toy, or a motorized mirror with built-in display, these motors facilitate hands-free operation and intelligent responses to user needs, enhancing daily routines and leisure activities.

8. Expansion of IoT Connectivity:

Single-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors contribute to the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. Their integration into smart devices allows for real-time data exchange, enabling remote monitoring, control, and even predictive maintenance. This connectivity extends device capabilities and enhances user experiences.