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JW Three-Phase Fractional Horsepower Miniature Motor

JW series motors are small power fully enclosed fan-cooled three-phase asynchronous motors for general use. Their power class and mounting size meet IEC standards. With light weight, low noise, good starting performance, reliable operation, easy maintenance, and so on, Shell protection grade IP44, cooling mode 1CO141, widely used in drilling machines, small machine tools, medical instruments, styles, and all kinds of machinery and equipment.
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Frame No: 50-71
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 80-750W
Protection Class: B
Type Power(W) Voltage(V) Rpm(r/min) Current(A) Eff(%)
JW5012 60 380 2800 0.25 61
JW5022 90 380 2800 0.3 65
JW5014 40 380 1400 0.2 53
JW5024 60 380 1400 0.3 57
JW5612 120 380 2800 0.39 67
JW5622 180 380 2800 0.53 69
JW5614 90 380 1400 0.39 58
JW5624 120 380 1400 0.48 60
JW6312 250 380 2800 0.69 71
JW6322 370 380 2000 1 72.5
JW6314 180 380 1400 0.63 64
JW6324 250 380 1400 0.81 67
JW7112 550 380 2800 1.35 74
JW7122 750 380 2800 1.8 75
JW7104 250 380 1400 0.81 67
JW7114 370 380 1400 1.05 70
JW7124 550 380 1400 1.6 73
JW7134 750 380 1400 2.1 62
JW7116 250 380 910 0.85 75
JW7126 370 380 910 1.1 65
JW7138 550 380 910 1.6 68
JW7118 180 380 710 0.64 60
JW7128 250 380 710 0.75 62
JW7138 370 380 710 0.98 66

Instruction And Overall Dimension:

Frame ( mm)
NO A B C D E F G H K M N e S ≤L ≤J
50 801 63 32 9 20 3 8 50 6 65 40 2 M5 150 60
56 90 70 36 11 23 4 8.5 56 7 65 50 2 M5 200 75
63 100 80 40 14 30 4 11.5 63 8 75 60 1 M5 230 85
71 112 90 45 16 40 5 12.8 71 10 85 70 1 M6 225 92

IMB3 Horizontal Mount

IMB14 Small Flange Mount

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Taizhou Youbo Import & Export Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Zhejiang Minkang Motor Co., Ltd.) is a professional manufacturer and supplier of high-efficiency asynchronous motors. The company was founded in 2002. After more than 20 years of hard work, it has become quite large. The company has excellent mechanical processing equipment, mature manufacturing technology, complete testing methods, and efficient embedding, installation, painting, and packaging. assembly line. At the same time, the company has strong technical development capabilities, a high-quality workforce and a complete quality management system to ensure that the motors manufactured by the company are reliable in quality and excellent in performance.
"Relying on a perfect quality management system, always providing products and services that satisfy customers" is the development purpose that the company has always adhered to. High-quality products bring good sales. At present, the company's products have covered 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the country, and are exported to the European Union, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other countries and regions. Seeking development with scientific and technological innovation and establishing reputation with excellent quality are the unswerving pursuit goals of the company.

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After years of unremitting efforts, Youbo's R&D team has achieved a number of technical achievements, ensuring the integrity of the company's technology and product diversity, and forming a deep technical reserve.

Knowledge expansion about JW Three-Phase Fractional Horsepower Miniature Motor

How are Three-Phase Fractional Horsepower Miniature Motors revolutionizing efficiency and performance across various industrial applications?

Understanding Three-Phase Fractional Horsepower Miniature Motors:

Three-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors are a specialized breed of electric motors characterized by their compact size and impressive power-to-size ratio. The term "three-phase" refers to the three alternating currents that power the motor, offering several advantages over single-phase systems, such as smoother operation and higher efficiency. The "fractional horsepower" designation indicates that these motors are designed for applications requiring relatively lower power outputs.

Key Benefits:

Space Efficiency: One of the most significant advantages of these miniature motors is their compact size. They are ideal for applications with limited space, where traditional larger motors might be impractical.

Energy Efficiency: Three-phase systems inherently provide a higher level of efficiency compared to single-phase systems. This efficiency is further optimized in fractional horsepower motors, contributing to energy savings and reduced operational costs.

Precision Control: These motors offer precise control over speed and torque, making them well-suited for applications that demand accuracy and repeatability, such as CNC machinery and robotics.

Reliability: Three-phase systems are known for their robustness and reduced vibration, leading to enhanced motor longevity and minimized maintenance requirements.

Versatility: Despite their smaller size, these motors deliver impressive power output, enabling them to be employed in a wide array of applications across various industries.

Applications Across Industries:

Robotics: Three-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors are integral to the agility and precision of modern robotics. They power the intricate movements of robotic arms, grippers, and mobility systems.

Manufacturing: In manufacturing processes, these motors drive conveyor belts, assembly line equipment, and packaging machinery, contributing to streamlined production and improved throughput.

Medical Devices: From precision pumps and actuators in medical equipment to diagnostics and laboratory automation, these miniature motors play a pivotal role in the medical field.

Automotive Systems: Within the automotive sector, they are found in power windows, seat adjustments, and HVAC systems, enhancing passenger comfort and vehicle functionality.

Aerospace: Three-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors are also making their mark in the aerospace industry, powering critical components in satellite systems, avionics, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Challenges and Future Prospects:

While these motors offer a plethora of benefits, challenges such as heat dissipation and integration complexities persist, particularly in applications where space is at a premium. Nonetheless, ongoing advancements in materials, cooling techniques, and motor design are gradually addressing these challenges.

The future of three-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors looks promising, with ongoing research focused on optimizing their efficiency, enhancing their control algorithms, and developing novel applications in emerging fields such as renewable energy and smart manufacturing.

How are Three-Phase Fractional Horsepower Miniature Motors Revolutionizing Small-Scale Industrial Applications?

Efficiency and Power Density:

Three-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors excel in efficiency and power density. By leveraging the advantages of three-phase power, these motors exhibit higher efficiency levels compared to their single-phase counterparts. This enhanced efficiency results from a more balanced distribution of power across the three phases, reducing losses and heat generation. The compact size of these motors further contributes to their remarkable power density, enabling their integration into space-constrained environments without compromising performance.

Applications in Robotics and Automation:

The robotics and automation sector has witnessed a profound impact from three-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors. These motors are ideally suited for precision motion control, a critical requirement in robotic systems. Their high torque-to-inertia ratio allows for swift and accurate movements, enhancing the overall agility and responsiveness of robots. Whether in industrial manufacturing, logistics, or healthcare settings, these motors contribute to increased productivity and operational efficiency.

Medical Devices and Surgical Tools:

Within the realm of medical devices, these miniature motors play a pivotal role in advancing healthcare technologies. Surgical instruments, such as minimally invasive tools and robotic-assisted devices, rely on the precision and compactness of these motors to perform delicate procedures with minimal invasiveness. The quiet operation and reduced vibration of these motors are especially beneficial in medical applications where patient comfort and safety are paramount.

Aerospace and UAVs:

In aerospace applications, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones, three-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors offer a unique blend of power and size. These motors contribute to the propulsion, stabilization, and maneuverability of UAVs, enabling dynamic flight capabilities and efficient power utilization. Their ability to withstand high G-forces and temperature variations makes them well-suited for demanding aerospace environments.

Challenges and Future Directions:

While three-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors bring numerous advantages, they also present certain challenges. One challenge lies in optimizing their thermal management, especially when operating in confined spaces. Ensuring effective heat dissipation is crucial to maintaining long-term reliability and preventing overheating. Additionally, cost considerations may arise, particularly in applications requiring high quantities of motors.

Looking ahead, ongoing research aims to further enhance the efficiency, power density, and thermal characteristics of these motors. Advanced materials, innovative cooling techniques, and optimized manufacturing processes are being explored to address these challenges. As industries continue to demand smaller yet more powerful components, three-phase fractional horsepower miniature motors are expected to play a central role in shaping the future of small-scale industrial applications.